How many people can I comfortably fit?

Chateau Joli has many options available for accommodating up to 325 guests. This is using the space inside the Main Ballroom. As an example plated dinner versus buffet, how large the dance floor will be, and your expectations will determine how many you seat comfortably. You will be able to create a floor plan that fits your vision to see exactly how many you can fit.

Do you have an open vendor policy?

The good news is we have all the Bartenders and Front of the House Servers you will use. We work with you to determine how many fit the size of your group and the timing you need. Once that is established, we give you an invoice for those needs. Then once we have all the final details, we can adjust that as needed. CJ is also able to do other rental items for you and that makes planning and execution so much easier with fewer vendors involved!

We provide a preferred vendor list of those companies we have worked with for years. They will all be familiar with our rules and policies and will help to ensure a seamless event.

If you choose to bring in a vendor outside of our list, we ask that you get prior approval from our team and they must be a legal business with the proper insurance covering their services. We will require a valid Certificate of Insurance before approving any vendors not on our preferred vendor list.

Are there non- alcoholic packages available?

Yes, we do offer many options, just ask

Do you offer china, glassware, flatware packages

Yes you can rent from CJ, setup will be complimentary. We can also provide you with additional rentals through our sister company www.mayiserveu.com – just ask. This option makes it so much easier with less vendors. There will be no added delivery fees and night pick up chargers incurred.

What other packages can you help us with?

Our team has many packages available. After booking your date, we set up a meeting with you to go over your vision and work on some details. At that point we will help you determine items like nonalcoholic beverages or full clean up services. Along with that we will show you our linen, china, glassware, and flatware packages. If you are looking for a stress-free event, then let us handle so many little details for you!

How does parking and transportation work?

We have a large parking lot that will make self-parking or valet services easy for your guests. There are also some wonderful shuttle services that will be able to safely transport your guests back at the end of the night. This is our suggestion if you choose to serve alcohol at your event.

Are there nearby hotels?

Yes, our location is a simple jaunt into downtown Ft. Worth, so you have a wide selection of hotels just 20 miles away. For those that want to be closer, our proximity to hotels is about 10-12 miles. There are many options to choose from and you can find the perfect one for you!

Are sparkles and fireworks allowed?

Yes, if there is no burn ban in place. You must use a licensed and insured vendor if you choose to have fireworks, and this must be previously approved by CJ management. For sparklers, there are some items that we will go over with you to assure you are following the rules and that you and your guests remain safe.

What kitchen amenities are available?

The large prep kitchen includes a refrigerator, 1000lb ice maker, industrial sinks, food prep tables, microwave, upright hot box, and a freezer. Additional kitchen items can be rented through our sister company www.mayiserveu.com. Please note that it is a prep kitchen only – there is no stove or oven. Cooking is allowed outdoors in the covered patio outside the prep kitchen, but not in our building. You can rent outdoor propane convection ovens from CJ for your caterer to use.

The prep kitchen is only available to be used by licensed and insured catering companies. No exceptions to this rule will be made.

Who is responsible for the setup of the tables and chairs?

You will submit a floor plan to our team 14 days in advance via email. We happily set up all CJ tables and chairs according to the floor plan you provide. If you rent from CJ or our sister company, May I Serve U Rentals and Staffing additional lounge furniture we will set up complimentary.

What will the Venue Concierge do?

Our venue concierge will make sure your event will run smoothly. Answer any of your questions regarding lighting ,temperature, rentals, setup and breakdown as well as maintaining a clear environment so you all can enjoy your special day.

What are the guidelines for having alcohol at my event?

You will choose your alcohol service time –No more than 6 continuous hours of service.

All alcohol must be served by CJ bartenders. We also allow you to provide your own alcohol or through a vendor. However, all alcohol must be brought in on the day of the event; and must arrive 3-4 hours prior to the event so bartenders can set up and chill necessary items. If you choose to serve alcohol, we have a checklist of items for you to familiarize yourself with the rules for service and assure that you have everything you need.

Is security required for all events?

Yes, security is an industry standard and is required for all events. inquire with CJ for more information.

How late can we stay?

With your CJ rental, you are allowed 12 hours and you can decide what that looks like. This time includes all your vendors and personal items to be set up and broken down. We require alcohol service and amplified music ends at 11:00 PM and last hour for clean up or vendor pick ups. Once you have your timeline put together, you can determine if you need to add additional hours.

Are pets allowed at CJ?

Yes, please check with your venue management team for additional rules and guidelines.

What bar options do I have for cocktail hour?

We have a second built-in bar that is part of our covered patio area. If this location works for your cocktail hour, then that is the perfect solution. If you want the cocktail hour to be in our other spaces, we have plenty of portable bar options that can be rented.

How do I play music for cocktail hour?

We have a sound system throughout the venue, and we can play music for cocktail hour. This can only be used for your ceremony/reception music by an insured professional. We are happy to add an additional Front of the House staff member to your staffing invoice if you would like to have someone from our team to run this for you.

Are multiple day rentals allowed?

Yes, you can rent the venue for multiple days. The fees and procedure will be applied for all days.

Are tents allowed?

Yes we have 8 acres at the back of our property that is perfect for a tent! We do not allow stakes into the ground. CJ will have to approve the location and the details associated with the tent. If tenting is what you prefer, we will have a meeting with you and your licensed and insured tent rental company representative to go over the details before you sign the contract with the tent company. Please keep in mind that a tent being put up and taken down will add extra hours or days to your rental period.

How do I create my floor plans?

We use an online service for this and will share some sample floor plans with you and this will make it easier for you to create the floorplan that fits you! After our initial meeting we will share this information with you.

What are your policies for Vendors?

If you select a vendor from our preferred vendor list, you do not have to worry at all. These are the companies that we have had years of experience with, and they are aware of our policies and rules.

If you select someone outside of our list, the first thing to know is they will have to give CJ a copy of their Certificate of Insurance and if applicable their license. CJ will have a policies form for all vendors outside of our preferred list to help you go over each item with them and assure that they have the items they need and that they follow the guidelines.



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